Questions & Answers

May 11, 2016

Q- Dose my ad go online right away?

A- yes.


Q- Dose my ad publish in Facebook and Twitter?

A- yes 


Q- How long my Ad will be online?

A- Free ads will be online for 60 days.


Q- How many ad i can publish a day?

A- You can publish up to 10 ads a day.


Q- How many images And Video i can add to my ad?

A- Free ads you can add 8 photos and one video.


Q- What image format are allowed?



Q- How to add a listing to my favorites?

A- Just click on heart icon next to the listing.


Q- How i can share ad with friends?

A- just click on tell a friend tap under, or click on share icons.


Q- How i can compare ads?

A- click on comparison table, on the right page


Q- How i can add a Comments to a listing?

A- On detail ad, click on comments tap to add a comment.


Q- how i can check other ads from user?

A- click on user account listing to check other ads.


Q- What if i face a problem while a publishing my ad?

A- contact us with a description of the problem you having.

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